English Drama on 19th November

日期: 19/11/2019

P4 students had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a Drama workshop.  A team of six from Shakespear4All came and divided the students up by section.  Each station was introduced to a different aspect of drama. The first section was the costumes.  The students learned the names of each costume and even had an opportunity to try them on. The second one was about props.  Students were able to explore and try using old rotary telephones and even an old typewriter.  Several other props were demonstrated and the students learnt the names of each item. The third one was about the famous playwright, William Shakespeare.  The students learned a little bit about why he was famous. In the fourth station, the scripts were introduced to the students. The students learned how to read a script and make it expressive. The fifth one was the radio communication. The students even got to try a can telephone to try communicating like in a two-way radio. The last but not the least was the sound effects.  The students were able to try different instruments to make different sounds like symbols and shakers. Overall the students had a wonderful time in the workshop and had ample opportunities to practise their English skills. Well done, P4!