Pizza Express Visit 2019

日期: 17/12/2019

The P1 and P3 classes went on a field trip to the Pizza Express.  They had a great time.  They were each given a hat and an apron like they were real pizza chefs! Then they were each given a mini pizza pan with dough in it.  They had to use their fingers to press down the edges of the dough.  Next they were given scoop of tomato sauce.  The students had to move their pan back and forth to make the tomato sauce spread all over the dough. Then they were given the tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, cheese and chicken to add to their pizzas. The students were able to arrange the ingredients any way that they wanted. After that, the pizzas were each cooked and put into a box.  The students were able to take their pizzas home afterwards. Overall, everyone enjoyed themselves and Pizza Express was a really great host.